Obesity is a risk factor for a number of chronic diseases. Although weight loss may reduce these dangers, weight loss programs designed for dark women have yielded mixed results. Studies suggest that religion/spirituality is a prominent component of black culture. Given this, the addition of religion/spirituality as an active component of a weight-loss program may enhance the benefits of this program. The role of religion/spirituality, however, has not been specifically tested as a system that enhances the weight reduction process. This paper presents the results of “Faith on the Move,” a randomized pilot study of the faith-based weight loss program for black women.

The goals of the analysis were to calculate the effects of the 12-week culturally customized, faith-based weight loss involvement on weight loss, dietary fat consumption, and physical activity. The tailored culturally faith-based weight loss intervention was compared to a personalized weight reduction intervention without active faith component culturally. Fifty-nine overweight/obese black women were randomized to 1 of both interventions. Even though the results weren’t significant statistically, the result size shows that the addition of the trust element improved results. These encouraging initial results shall need to be examined in a properly driven trial.

  • Heavier people generally have higher energy needs
  • Set 3: 5 reps of 100 pounds
  • Cherie Noel
  • Celebrities or No Celebrities? That is the Question

So, we got the saying ‘A calorie is a calorie’. But that’s not a question I could recall anybody ever requesting. Instead, the question is ‘Are all calorie consumption of food energy equally fattening? ‘, to which the answer is an emphatic no. One hundred calories of kale salad is not as equally fattening as you hundred calorie consumption of candy. One hundred calories of beans is not as fattening as one hundred calories of white bread and jam.

But going back 50 years, we pretended they were equally fattening. And so I started from the beginning. Unraveling the rotten tapestry of the model to answer that all-important question of the root causes of putting on weight was the reason why I wrote The Obesity Code. I’ve wondered sometimes about why such a simple idea about using free diet measures like fasting to take care of dietary diseases runs into such obstacles. This is actually the traditional medical system. Here’s how the modern medical system fares if people could use diet to control their own health insurance and destiny. Reversing type 2 diabetes, as I explored in The Diabetes Code, is very simple really, and does not involve using expensive medicines or surgeries.

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