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But research obviously shows that fatness also offers a very strong genetic element. Some people have underlying hormonal or metabolic disruptions (like PCOS) that create a propensity to being fat and great difficulty in losing weight. Environmental factors (quick access to ready-made foods, fewer opportunities for exercise) plays a role for a lot of, yet many slimmer people eat processed foods, and get a little exercise but are not fat highly. There simply are no easy answers as to why many people are fat, and some are not, but researchers and authors of articles like these want to pretend that there are since it makes them feel better.

They want to continue the simplistic mantra that fat people are fat since they eat terribly and get little exercise. They want to think that if everyone just ate right and exercised enough, everyone could be “normal” in proportions and therefore all problems from weight problems could be avoided. But this is not reasonable and the abysmal long-term success rates of weight loss studies show this all too well.

Emphasizing health instead of weight may be a better approach, and may help prevent some of the complications, of whether a person actually experiences weight loss regardless. For instance, research implies that regular physical exercise can lower the pace of Gestational Diabetes in fat women. It may, or might not help them lose weight, but it can lower the rate of GD.

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And we should remember that multiple weight loss attempts are often associated with higher weight gain over time. Ironically, by emphasizing weight loss as the primary “cure”, doctors are likely recommending the thing most likely to really cause a worsening of fatness overtime. Doctors and analysts want simplistic answers, because then they can feel like they can “fix” things for ladies, however the answers are that simple rarely.

The best “fix” for obesity-associated concerns may be to stress health habits rather than weight reduction. Doctors like to “do” things when presented with a possible risk, but they are slow to realize that sometimes the “doing things” will more harm than good or causes the problem they want to prevent.