The Barnsley family have chosen to seize life by the horns. Mr. Jamie Barnsley approached me in February 2017 asking for advice as he prepared to overland the planet in a Defender 130 with his wife, Angela, and two children. We have been friends since, and I’ve watched their trip from afar with envy. The Barnsley’s have voracious energy and curiosity which drives them to explore countries and immerse themselves in sponsor cultures with humility and respect. Angela is a specialist professional photographer, and she captures the substance of their trip: the joy and question of the family, and the natural beauty of the accepted places they explore.

An engine failure early in the trip threatened to derail the experience, but the Barnsley family drawn together and have powered their faithful United Arab Emirates signed up Defender from Canada to Argentina after a tour of Europe and Morocco. I pray that they can check out Africa next as the images and tales they generate are unique and thoroughly entertaining-Mother Africa could not look higher than through their eyes.

All images by Angela Barnsley (Buchanan). Tell us about yourselves. How do you begin exploring and when did you decide that the overland lifestyle was to be your future? Travelling has always been a large part in both mine and Angela’s lives. Before we met, Angela had travelled extensively around Europe, Australia, and Asia both as a VW and backpacker campervanner. She returned from those adventures to take a job as a TV producer on a holiday programme in her homeland of Scotland.

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This had taken her to several more destinations around the globe but this time around in a bit more style whilst earning money rather than spending it. My travel origins were more humble somewhat, with my first adventure working in Rhodes, Greece, for four summer time seasons as a bungee jump instructor. After that Shortly, The bandwagon was became a member of by me on the backpacker circuit around Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. My first real experience was very shortly after I had formed met Angela.

It was an overland trip through 10 African countries from Kenya to Cape Town that i saw promoted in a newspapers. I convinced my friend Richie that writing a huge Mercedes pickup truck with 15 roughly others and tenting our way through East Africa will be a great idea, which it was.

Returning from Africa, I moved to Scotland to begin a life together with Angela. With my little insight from four months of overlanding in Africa and our joint love of travel, we hatched an idea to move to the UAE and conserve for something. We weren’t sure whether that was a campervan or overland vehicle or where we wished to go, but we knew we wished to take action big. What motivates and inspires you to travel?

Our simple motivation is realizing that life is for living and that you merely get one shot at it-you have to go for it. A personal technique I use is to imagine which i am on my deathbed telling someone about my life. I picture what I’ll say, the encounters I shall recall, and what I will repent.

It’s totally morbid, but it works. Another inspiration of ours is to live our lives just a little outside the norm. Whilst the two 2.4 children and white picket fence life in suburbia suits lots of people, it just does not suit us. We wish it did-life would be so easier Sometimes. What is your life philosophy?

You’re here for a good time, not a long time. What are your preferred overland destinations up to now? Every single country we’ve been to on our latest adventure, imaginatively named, “The Barnsley’s Big Adventure,” through Europe, Morocco, and the Americas has its charm and particular traits to enjoy.