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In the late 19th century, bridge engineers started to develop designs using reinforced concrete since it was easier to construct and maintain than the traditional rock. The Washington Street Bridge has three arches with shut spandrels. The tern spandrel refers to the area on either aspect of the arch. In this case, the spandrels are infilled or closed, than being transparent rather, like one would find on a steel-framed bridge.

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The Concrete Steel Bridge Company, located in Miami Beach, constructed the Washington Street Bridge in 1926. It replaced a simple solid wood bridge that carried pedestrian and vehicular traffic over the quickly flowing Fern Creek. At the same time, the pine straw covering Washington Street was replaced with brick from Ferncreek Avenue to Hampton Street. The Concrete Steel Bridge Company designed and built the Galveston also, Texas Causeway Bridge in 1922, which is similar in design to the Washington Street Bridge and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Washington Street Bridge is unique to that it is the only bridge of its kind in the town of Orlando.

It is also located in a scenic and steady residential neighborhood. I really like this live oak between the brick road and the ravine. AFTER I was “courting” my wife, she lived in an exceedingly Spartan condo, the polar reverse of the ephemera-filled style of living I’m used to. She experienced very little artwork in her home whatsoever, however, one of her framed photographs was of the wonderful oak whose long limbs hug the ground.

I think for me this represented common floor, that regardless of the absence of clutter around her, she looked after lots of the same things I really do. Turns out I used to be right. Fern Creek, the water body that operates through the ravine in the recreation area, is mostly of the body of moving water in Orlando.

Home to hundreds of lakes, there are extremely few creeks and branches in the city. I’ve tried to look for the source of water of the creek, but as near as I can tell it is underground somewhere north of Robinson Street. The water ultimately flows under SR 408 into the wastewater treatment system close to the Greenwood Cemetery. At one time the water body was prominent enough to merit naming a street after.

Let’s All SIMPLY TAKE A Breath! I guess that the person who is on the internet almost every day shouldn’t complain about media overload. But this Trayvon Martin case is impossible to avoid. I wasn’t really all that thinking about it. People are wiped out every day. Stories of little kids taking fire from scumbag gang-bangers should be generating a far greater outcry than what we have happening in Florida.