Earlier this season LivingAfterWLS added a community forum to the web-suite. It’s called A NEARBY: A safe haven circle of friends who are LivingAfterWLS. Very quickly the forum has become a dynamic support community of which I am personally quite proud. I’ve watched several topics and posts the last few days that have truly made me appreciate how different the LAWLS Neighborhood is from other online WLS communities.

One thing which makes me particularly proud is the acceptance of the individual while celebrating in the united cause of living well. Years ago I left an active online WLS community because of the bigotry that brewed between the so-called “light-weight” and “heavy-weight” post-WLS account. A few of you have seen this in your online moves Perhaps. The heavy-weights treated the light-weights with disdain for their “cosmetic” surgery and the light-weights ridiculed the heavy-weights for waiting such a long time before doing something.

It was unappealing. Bigotry among our very own people. Morbid weight problems is a disease and the best known medical treatment to place that disease in check is gastric surgery: banding or bypass. We’ve people of all sizes here. The common thread is most of us have problems with morbid weight problems and are dealing with it with the best medical option available. Some recent posts could took us down the heavy-weight/light-weight route, but they didn’t. All members of this community rallied for our Neighbors when it arrived time to support, encourage and commiserate. For your I applaud you all!

  • “Time to move” with audible notifications reminds one to stay active throughout the day
  • Wednesday @ 5:30 a.m
  • Gives Flawless Skin
  • Hire personal trainer
  • Gentle low impact dancing
  • Can analyze how well and exactly how long you rest which can allow one to get a much better routine

It has a 32 bit processor, 3 Axis accelerometer and Gyroscope along with a optical heart rate sensor. The Atlas Wristband made its debut at CES 2015 back in January in NEVADA and is because of come on to the marketplace sometime during the course of 2015. Pre-orders can be made on the Atlas Wearables website.

Yep, FitBit is back on this fitness wearables list and this time it is the FitBit Surge. It loves to tout itself as a fitness supervision smart device. This product here is really more carefully related to the Apple Watch than any of the other smart fitness wearables here on this list.

249. Again, you are going to get the industry standard GPS location and health screens. Addititionally there is the sleep tracking and the companion application that allows that you should keep an eye on your workouts. The device has various size wristbands as well also. The FitBit Surge gets the touch and tap screen and reviews have been saying that despite having sweaty, exercised hands it was still in a position to work.

The optical sensor will continue to work 24/7 and present you real time data through the friend app. Waterproof assessment has shown that it works up to 50 meters and can be utilized in the shower without problem. The FitBit Surge can be like its company companions in the fitness wearables series as far as being iOS and Android compatible.