The term immigrant is due to the Latin main, migrate – to improve or even to move in one place to another. Australia, where 28% of the population was born overseas, owes its transformation from a British colony to a modern cosmopolitan country to the presence of people from other areas who’ve come here to create new lives. In Athens, At night and proved helpful as a framer throughout the day I researched to be a computer programmer.

When I came to Australia in 1976, I couldn’t speak English, so I worked in a stock. Then, I purchased a guillotine and made my first structures for friends and relatives. A year After, I took over the continuing business. We provided studios and galleries with ornate structures. In those full days, everything was made by hand and it was tough.

I was young and could work hard but made the big mistake of not learning proper English. I don’t like to talk to emails still. I prefer phone calls. But although I don’t advertise or have a website, my customers result from all over the place. Forty years ago, there were no tables on the sidewalks in Australia. No one drank coffee, there have been only milk bars.

Back home, morning we said good. Here, we walk in the street, we don’t talk. In some ways, life was easier there and the expense of living was lower. In Australia, we have good systems, but we purchase them. Athens was very modern, and a shave could be got by you at the hairdresser.

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When I first went to a Greek barber in Australia and requested a shave, he said, “you can ignore that here”. But I recall when I relocated to Australia people would leave an envelope beyond your door for the milkman and nobody would touch that money. It had been a lovely thing.

When I shifted here, people mainly came from Europe. I used to be one of the last generations of Greeks to arrive. Now people come from India and China, so there are different challenges. Whenever we first came here, it was racist, and we’d trouble. My sisters acquired bad encounters in the 60s, but things have transformed a great deal. I believe that Australia should most probably to any nationality.

We make Australia, we all have been Australian. But when I’m in Australia, I miss Greece. There’s nothing like home for anybody. I was raised in Vietnam and came to Australia on a boat with 47 people. I used to be in Thailand for eight. 5 months and then we flew to Sydney.

65 a week. Day and night I discovered how to employ a sewing machine and proved helpful. The federal government gave us blankets and a bed, and we were happy. I started my business in 1983 under my name, Lan Vo. I rented the manufacturing plant Then, although my ex-husband said, “if you lease a stock I’ll leave you and go to America.” So, I did everything by myself. First it was clothing that I designed myself, although I couldn’t draw. When I began selling wedding gowns, I did so well. Sometimes, I proved helpful 23 hours and slept only one hour. But that’s the reason I’ve money right now. I also had to send cash back to my country, to my parents.

Thanks to God, I’ve experienced a beautiful life. Each year I get back to Vietnam, but I love Australia, I am accepted by it. ‘t matter who you are. Whenever we lived in Thailand, it was very hard because I was pregnant and didn’t have enough food. But I had been made by it more motivated.

I wish my boy and child and my grandchildren do well. And right now, business is good – I’ve customers who’ve come to me for 32 years back. AFTER I left China, I had formed studied material science engineering and worked for two years. I felt politically oppressed and didn’t see any wish.