Where do you live? How is the natural hair community there? Well right now, I reside in Sweden, but before I lived in Austria and Nigeria. In all three countries there weren’t too many natural heard sisters which i saw when I first moved, but in Stockholm now, I am seeing more and more ladies embrace Natural hair. Natural locks is overtaking! When and just why did you choose to go natural? Ok, well, I have been natural on / off for a number of years, I wasn’t really into hair very much growing up, therefore i would go months with out a touch up or could have my hair in braids.

But I must say i made a decision to be completely natural in 09, after my third attempt. My decision was to view it through and observe how long I could choose my hair.Being natural is more than just locks now, I am taking better care of my epidermis, my own body. I eat healthier, I drink healthier,I meditate, I exercise.I’ve taken steps to rid the negative from my entire life. My nature is more alive than better now.

I have a whole new Holistic method of me life. Were your friends and family supportive? If not, were you in a position to ahead move? I have done some stuff through the years to my hair – dyed red; Black/Blue; some cool light brownish color, leave home with shoulder length care and get back with a Toni Braxton – Breathe again, cut! So its wasn’t such a surprise to people who know me, also I have been residing in a international country so most of my friends back home didn’t really know what I had formed done. In conditions of support, the first 2 times I Big Chopped ( I shaved my mind) my sister achieved it with me.

So I had fashioned a partner in crime. I’ve now shaved my head three times since 07 and 09 was my last time. What is your current locks routine? Well, my hair and I are at odds, see after i began with my TWA in Nigeria, I would alternate with braids and cornrows and leave it only.

Just washing every other week and a deep condition once i felt enjoy it. This did miracles for my locks. Do you have any hair goals? What steps are you taking to accomplish them? Well,lol, my original goal was to have lovely curly hair, but that ain’t in the script now any more hahhahahah.

  1. Gently brush on bronzer quickly and softly
  2. 5 years back from UK
  3. Up to ½ x teaspoon Cocoa Powder (amount depends on desired color)
  4. Remove blackheads with honey
  5. Exfoliation is the key
  6. Favorite number 1- CoverGirl Intense Shadow Blast (in Bulletproof Beige)
  7. Cinnamic aldehyde

So my goal is overall healthy locks in whichever state she expands. This year and waist for next 12 months I am targeting bra strap size for. From December 09 till March 2011 I didn’t trim my hair. After March, I just recently did some dusting of the leads to June.

What is your fav go- to style for your natural hair? Reveal how you achieve it? Well when my hair decides hold a style, I used to love wash n go’s with some gel in it. Also, my locks can be temperamental with a two strand twist. Sometimes it’ll hold a twist for a couple of days and then other times only one night time. Right now, I simply twisted my hair yesterday, so will see how she likes this.

Apart from that,I haven’t really experimented a lot with my hair, I have kept things simple. Not long ago i discovered to do my very own braids with extensions and Individual hair. So I like to do that.Its an activity. A ever learning always changing process. I am a wavy, hardly any kinky, not so much coily, even less curly plus some parts straight natural girl.