It has come to light that posts on blogs and social media are being exploited for uses apart from what they were intended. So to protect myself and my women, I will no longer be posting anything other than my weight reduction and fitness progress. Even then, I may decide to just delete my blog entirely and avoid becoming a member of blogland again. Thank you for all the well encouragement and wants after I needed it. Looks like I’ll be finding a far more secure outlet to get everything out of my head.

Never any paper towels toilet paper or hand soap they literally released shampoo as soap ESPECIALLY IN THE CAVE! You do tell them but they feel since they are not maintenance they don’t need to do it. There’s never any towels and I don’t come during look time ever. On the next floor the treadmills have been broken for MONTHS! They lately put indicator parts are ordered when fixed now control keys don’t work yet. The dog owner literally is spending money on a staff to hold out upstairs doing nothing.

  1. They Often Require Little Or No Exercise
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  3. Make Friends and Maintain
  4. Starting around $200
  5. Gentle unaggressive flexibility techniques
  7. Steep it for about 10-15 minutes

I mean literally the guys spend time on their phone doing NOTHING. My husband told them there’s no on paper or paper towels 45 min ago and that is what made me write this review. I’ve been to cheaper gyms where the service was phenomenal. With all the current money they charge, they should certainly lower their prices or stop hiring young kids who don’t treatment to work.

Oh, let’s remember the overflowing garbage. I joined up with Club Fitness a couple of years ago. I was not used to the certain area and didn’t want to pay much for a fitness center since I used Class Pass primarily at the time, so I chose the cheapest option. Lesson: you get what you pay for.

It didn’t even really bother me that the equipment was old (and often gross). My issue that brings me is the inherent management, and incredibly rude staff. My problem starts with the classes. The instructors, I shall caveat, were wonderful when they arrived. 200 (and reading other reviews, I am not the only person so be careful what you join upfront). A few weeks later, nothing hits my account so I go to check in, and ANASTASIA IS NO MORE WITH THE FACILITY (that it is funny given that I think about it.

So I ahead along the e-mail string to the new manager, Wendy, who promptly tells me that this had not been communicated to her upon their changeover and therefore it is not her problem. When I pushed back, relating to Wendy, there is nothing at all she could do because “all refunds must be approved by an owner”. Cool no nagging problem, Wendy, put me in contact, right? Easy. BUT Wendy simply ended responding to me.

Wendy ghosted me LOL. Who knows if Wendy still left at this true point, and who even cares. That has time because of this? 200 and it’re really drinking water under the bridge but hey, it’s offensive if you ask me should this fitness center escape with this unscathed which explains why I’m writing this review (informed ya I would, Wendy). Seriously, these people could not care and attention ANY less about customer service, it’s almost laughable.

The way that my case was dealt with from top to bottom was a truly horrendous screen of service, and just, human to human, wrong. If the owner reads this, I wish he or she seems ashamed at the true way their staff has treated their clients. If you’re scanning this and considering a gym, I implore one to just look elsewhere.

There are SO many other options in Astoria and do not require would ever escape with treating their customers this way. The fitness center is well-organized and clean. They offer diferentes class and the instructors are extremely motivated especially the spin instructors. The spin class with video on the big screen is amazing.