What can you do with old Christmas tree decorations? Host a spin off of your usual Christmas party theme. If you cherished this article therefore you would like to receive more info relating to Christmas Party Ideas Perth please visit our own web site. You don’t have to wear your worst sweater for this winter’s ugly-sweat party. Make a sweater dress from scratch by taking out your worst sweater and cutting it into pieces. Guests will surely vote on who’s got the ugliest dress after an afternoon filled with Christmas goodies, holiday music, and old sweater trimmings.

You can add holiday cheer to Halloween pumpkin decorating. Make your decorations festive with pumpkin garland or old-fashioned candy lights. For a festive touch, you can also use Halloween-themed wallpaper. You might also want to consider adding some holiday themed lights to accent your holiday theme.

As your guests arrive, let them take home a cute cookie cutter shaped like Santa Clause. Each guest should cut out a star and place a hole at the center. You can fill the hole with chocolate chips, or other sweets. Santa Claus should be able to take a photo with guests through the hole.

Everyone’s favorite holiday tradition – giving gifts – is also a wonderful and easy way to help your guests enjoy their visit to your holiday event. Start by sharing some of your homemade crafts ideas. As you plan what gifts to give to your family members and friends, let them know that it would be great to have them decorate the house. Make sure they know that your Christmas party will be a great time if you have the opportunity to spend quality time with your family.

Hosting a candy cane Christmas party is a festive way to let your guests know that they will be remembered forever at this year’s celebration. To kick off your gift exchange, offer to let each guest take a gift from your purse or bag. For extra special touches, allow your hostess to hand out small trinkets or candles wrapped in colorful ribbons as she collects gifts.

A fun idea for a Christmas movie night is to set up a popcorn machine in the front of your house. This will encourage your guests to bring their A-boards with them or come up with their own ideas for what to write on the boxes. Ask your children to ask their friends for clues when the movie begins.

If you prefer to keep the spirit of the holiday pure and simple, you can follow another idea that using a different theme altogether. Instead of asking your guests what their favorite character is, ask them who they want for Christmas. Each person will give their suggestions and everyone will add up the numbers to see who comes up with the best ideas. You will then divide the names and place on a silver platter, and place it under the Christmas tree. This is a unique way of kicking off the holiday season and allows you to give back to those who truly appreciate it.

If you want to really get your guests in the Christmas spirit, be sure to have lots of holiday-themed sticktails available. A good cup of jolly espresso and popcorn are the best things for guests. Give away these sticktails to your guests when they arrive – don’t wait until the last minute to run out the themed items! When your guests return from breakfast, you’ll be happy that you listened to their requests.

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