As I grow older, one key realization I’ve been about money in regards to other assets class. Moving from stock to cash is from one asset class to some other just. From one risk to some other. Cash has risks of inflation, low results, and country risk. Nevertheless is challenging for many to go past this true point even for me. What this mean is that taking profit is meaningless strictly to dividend investors when fundamental remains unchanged if we want for safety harbor and out-of-market.

Timing the market is tough. Often we miss the big time when we realized or gains. I am learning therefore choose to do on phases for some counters still. The market has been on a bull for a few right time. Even sell in GO and MAY AWAY is misguided, as the market retrieved.

At this point of time, aiming to inject large amount of money into stocks and shares seem lack margin of safety as the low point of Index has handed down because of this period. Hence, while I decided to mix my SSB. This season With market in exact halfway point, and the largest profit I’ve seen, I am well committed to the marketplace still. During this time period I did some number of consolidations to reduce the counters I must manage.

  • Can lose money
  • RedBird Capital Partners Platform LP
  • 24% = $15,600 ($300 x 52) / $250,000 x 100
  • Life Insurance Can Save your valuable Business
  • GPS Alliance Holdings Limited
  • Whether the CDE has the right to enforce the payment of principal and interest,
  • BDO Medium Term Dollar Bond Fund (formerly EPCIB US Dollar Bond Fund)

One of the key decrease is Reits/Trusts. As everybody knows, this year so far we have one of the best. In the report, I’ve them added as a small dot showing their returns previously before I sold them for review purpose (see chart). Those I have sold specifically.

I didn’t include First Reit as it was a couple of days trade with slight reduction in speculation. I think the only regret is Mapletree Com Tr which blew pass my sell price significantly. Netlink NBN Tr is the recent sale so time shall inform. 2.64. I back again desire to buy. Even with that, I still have 40% exposure in Reits. Frankly, is very difficult to buy in this increasing market to my dismay back again.

Fortunately, I play with a little percentage of my portfolio and most remains intact to enjoy the ride. Equity investments if you ask me must be RISK MANAGED to MY LEVEL. At 19 counters, this is quite workable for me personally considering bonds/pref do not need much time to monitor so this leaves me with 15 to view. 1.1 M excluding Gov securities I think is good for me right now enough.

I think he supported from things that seemed hostile in the past. Otherwise, yes, he’ll still be involved in situations where he considers he might be able to help. He was active behind the scenes at Coke lately, for example. I think he has acknowledged before that some activism is good.