This post is compiled by Ava Gilder, a second-year college student at Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts, Pune. She talks about what makeup methods to her, and how she views beauty. Most girls learn the creative artwork of beauty off their mothers. I did never. Not because she wasn’t around, but because she hated it. She abhorred wearing make-up, and dressing up, and looking pretty.

She only wore make-up at her job as an air hostess and the only other times I saw her dress up was for extremely formal functions, and even then, without make-up whatsoever, which if you ask me now, is low-key scandalous. “…I started wearing a solid line of jet dark liner on my lid, and it took me years of practice to get it right just. Watching her all those years, I never felt the need to wear any kind of make-up either, not at school, nor at classes. 12 months overseas after college I only started on my, once i was an exchange student to Denmark, and all my classmates wore makeup every day.

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By this time, An eyeliner was acquired by me or two left from my emo stage, and several lipsticks that I never used. I started wearing a thick type of jet black liner on my lid, and it took me many years of practice to get it just right. And you will never now, ever, catch me without my eyeliner on.

Beauty and makeup to me indicate having the ability to communicate myself through my external appearance without really saying anything aloud. It’s less of doing it to please other folks, and more of me carrying it out to please myself. The ten minutes that I spend in the morning, putting my makeup on, are all mine.

It is a time of peace, relaxed, and no hurry (usually), your day forward and I take advantage of this time to middle myself to face. These past few months, I have had a class at 7:30 in the morning, day of the week every. They have taken its toll on my physical and mental health because damn it, every day is hard and hats off to the folks who can take action waking up at 6:30.

My make-up has been beside me through it all. Day I can just swipe on some high light and some lipstick and feel fantastic If I’m having a bad. Looking good makes me feel good about myself. I learned the most about makeup when I remaining home to come quickly to college (at 19 years old) through new people, but mostly through Instagram.

It was a time of experimentation, time to try new things, and to explore ‘me’ was to explore makeup. What was a passing interest, became a full-time hobby and passion-I learnt increasingly more about it as the year went by, getting an internship at the wonder section at Vogue India eventually.

The internship only cemented my love for everything beauty (but also my dislike of the table job) and reinforced that is something that will continue to be in my life, influencing my decisions subconsciously. This isn’t to say that I’ve not been shamed for my love of beauty and self-care, even going as far to state that I am not just a feminist (that i am, a raging feminist).

I think that all people should have the decision to wear or not wear make-up, to do what they shall with it, to stay delicate or to go all out glamazon. That is why beauty and make-up exists, for people to express themselves as they wish to, no matter their colour, gender, sexuality. Beauty is all-encompassing and intersectional. This is exactly what beauty means to me.

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