With its two-billion-person consumer base, there’s no doubt Facebook can be seen as a robust marketing tool for your business. It’s exploded in development since it arrived onto the scene in 2004 exclusively for connecting university campuses, and everyone’s grandma is on Facebook now, too. Contrary to popular belief, though, not everybody has a personal profile on Facebook. Despite sociable media becoming part of our everyday lives, there’s always that one person in any given social group who won’t utilize it. Are you that person? We’re not here to poke fun at you for not being a right part of the largest sociable network around.

Perhaps you’re the type of person who doesn’t want their life online for the public to see. Perhaps you don’t understand the worthiness in playing in that space or possibly you once acquired a Facebook profile but grew weary of it, and deleted it. No matter the excuse is, that’s fine; we forgive you.

However, somebody, somewhere told you that your business needs a Facebook page as part of its social media strategy. Since you don’t have a personal profile to begin with, you are left wondering where to start. So, How Can I Develop a Facebook Business Page Without a Personal Account? Well, you’re not going to like what we must tell you.

  • Do not use any dictionary word in your passwords
  • Who will handle critical duties such as offering, buying, bookkeeping, marketing, and shipping
  • Bonus points for any experience with React
  • On-hold music for your business
  • Speed Rating: Free accounts are limited by 100kbps
  • 1 Describe how to identify callers and their needs
  • You cannot record email messages in the CRM without needing the email extension

Facebook has changed the process for creating new business pages because the feature rolled out years ago. The change means business web pages can’t be created unless there’s a personal account linked with it. Facebook requires every page with an administrator who is able to control the profile and assign assignments to other admins or contributors. This is only possible through tying the admin’s personal account to the business web page.

Though you might not like this information, you can inhale and exhale a sigh of alleviation because there won’t be any way for the public to see an association between the business page as well as your personal profile. When you create posts on the business page, they will show up to be submitted by the brand, not by you. The only path people would know you’re associated with the web page is if you add yourself as a team member on the page’s About tabs, which is totally optional. So. Still need to produce that business page? We’re to walk you through it here.

But first you need to verify you truly exist and create your personal Facebook profile. You don’t have to inform anyone you achieved it even. Choose which of the six categories best describes your business or organization. Wondering where you’d fit? Local Business or Place: Allows individuals to “check in” to your local business or community location, and provides the benefit of listing your physical address to increase publicity.