Finally after a 4 times stay static in Sydney its time to go home. All pictures taken with my mobile phone camera here, as my cannon S100 just refuse to work ! After checking out in, visited MAS Golden Lounge for a light lunchtime prior to boarding. 7K window, which is the last row on business class cabin. And the best part is the chair beside me was bare as this trip is only half full on business class. At 2pm, the trip departed promptly, and air borne once, snack foods and refreshments were served. Lunch was offered after quickly. Beef and Chicken satay, which is good as usual. Appetizer of smoked potato and salmon terrine that i appreciated very much.

I acquired a pre-booked food of Braised Short Ribs, which is delicious ! I have always enjoyed the meals developing from the wedding caterers kitchen in Sydney. That is an excellent piece of steak ! Dessert of Baked Berry Cheesecake. And ice cream too. 2 hours before entrance, light refreshments was offered. Chicken Pie was offered which is standard it appears fairly, cos it has been pie on this airline flight path always. It had been a good flight on MAS, good food and excellent service by the crew.

Fremont, CA – The owner of a Fremont jewelry and loan business who was shot and wiped out in a robbery Friday morning hours has been recognized as Ronald Morris, 55, based on the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau. Morris, a Fremont citizen, was shot in the head at 11 a about.m. Friday as several men forced a worker to the floor and stole six or seven weapons from a store screen case, regarding to Fremont police. Police giving an answer to the taking pictures at the Fremont Jewelry and Loan Store in the 40000 block of Fremont Boulevard found Morris behind the counter with what looked like a gunshot wound to his mind. Police said the worker was not harmed.

The robbers fled out the rear door of the store and drove away in a small, white four-door vehicle just like a Toyota Camry, police said. The vehicle was last seen driving through a Kentucky Fried Chicken parking lot, adjacent to the loan and jewelry store, and then north on Fremont Boulevard.

Riverview, FL – The 49-year-old Riverview man slipped off a scaffold at a jobsite in Plant City. Back to home page. COOPER CITY, Fla. – An insurance adjuster was wiped out when he dropped inspecting a roof damaged by Hurricane Wilma, government bodies said. Alon Arad, 56, of Bethesda, Md., passed away Thursday after dropping about nine ft from the roofing or a ladder as he inspected a home in this Fort Lauderdale suburb, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office said.

Arad was resting unconscious in the driveway of the home. He was taken up to a hospital, where he passed away an hour later. He was working as an unbiased contractor for State Farm Insurance. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA – The South SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Police Department is looking into the death of an Embassy Suites worker who fell from a hotel building on Thursday, police Lt.

Mike Brosnan said today. Brosnan wouldn’t normally release any details of the incident apart from to verify that the deceased, San Mateo resident Leila Fungi, 34, was a worker at Embassy Suites. Fungi was uncovered early in the morning Thursday on the grounds of the hotel located at 250 Gateway Blvd., San Mateo County Chief Deputy Coroner Tom Marriscolo said today. We’ve deepest sympathies for just one of we members,” Rudy Ortiz, general manager of the South SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Embassy Suites, today said.

Edward Schiller, an employee of Aronson INSURANCE COMPANY Inc. who friends said grew up in Sudbury and lived in Framingham, was uncovered at about 9:30 a.m. Boylston Street and Langley Road, near the Mall at Chestnut Hill. Coakley said Schiller was shot at least once in the head at close range in what she said could be tagged an execution.

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He was found slumped when driving, and the driver’s door was open up. Hasse, dropped from the rooftop of the 12-story luxury organic at Boylston Street and Charles Street South at about 1:30 p.m., law enforcement said. It had been not clear last night what had triggered Hasse’s fall, though police said they do not believe foul play was involved initially. LANCASTER, Ohio — A sheriff’s deputy lost control of his cruiser, crashed into a utility pole and was killed while on a call to aid a officer, the sheriff said.

Ethan Collins, 29, was just the second Fairfield County deputy to perish in the line of responsibility. He was pronounced dead at the scene just outside Lancaster on state Route 188. With lights and siren on, Collins was headed west to Lithopolis about 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to help a officer chasing after a person believed to be carrying a knife, Sheriff Dave Phalen said.