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Lake Stymphalian was on the sides of Arcadia and is where the birds quickly got over. They roosted deep in the encompassing swamp so Hercules found his muscular body much too heavy for the gooey swamp floor to support. When the goddess Athena observed what was happening, she provided Hercules a giant rattle to frighten the birds off their perch. When the rattle triggered the parrots to take flight, Hercules was able to shoot the majority of them with his bow and arrows. This caused all of those other flock to leave and go back to Arcadia never.

7. Hercules Must Capture the Cretan Bull – Hercules had to sail to Crete to capture the Cretan Bull. This huge bovine have been uprooting plants and knocking down the wall space, and leading to too much damage and trouble simply. Hercules was to fully capture the bull and return it to King Eurystheus so he could sacrifice it to Hera. Hercules snuck up on the big brute from behind and subdued it with his strong hands around its neck of the guitar.

He shipped it back to the cowardly King, where Hera rejected the sacrifice because she didn’t want any glory to fall to Hercules. The bull was released to pasture and later scarified to Athena (and/or Apollo). 8. Hercules Must Steal the Mares of Diomedes – These mares were crazy and incredibly uncontrollable because of their diet of individual flesh, so that they had to be tethered to a bronze manger as safety.

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When Hercules and his helpers came upon these man-eaters, he knew he would have to fight the dog owner, Diomedes, before taking care of the horses. To get this done he remaining his most loved companion Abderus in charge while he went to fight Diomedes. Upon his return Hercules uncovered that his partner had been eaten while he was away.

In revenge, he fed Diomedes’ flesh to mares. After feeding the mares would become calm always. When they finished eating their owner, these were calm enough for Hercules to simply bind their mouths safely shut. Amazons were said to have lived in Pontus, which is part of modern day Turkey near the shore of the Euxine Sea (the Black Sea).

9. Hercules Had to Get the Girdle of Hippolyta – The cowardly ruler Eurystheus experienced a little girl who desired the belt of Queen Hyppolyta, which was a present from the god of battle, Ares. Hyppolyta reigned over the tribe known as the Amazon Warrior Women. The king sent Hercules to get the gift for his daughter.

With several friends, the powerful man set out to Themiscyra, which was where Hyppolyta resided. It was a hard journey filled with fighting and sadness, but Hercules could overcome these struggles. When he showed up, Hyppolyta was impressed with such success that she decided to give him the belt simply.