There’s a baffling secret in the mineral makeup world. How to inform if an eye shadow is a custom method, or if it’s just repackaged mica? For the client, it’s very difficult to tell. A color can look a similar in one company to another. However, the ingredients may vary tremendously. For re-packagers, it can mean easy profits with little knowledge.

For formulators, this mystery can cause loss and doubt of income. We’re hoping to clear up this mystery and help you know what companies may be just re-packaging micas, and what companies are formulating makeup products actually. Mica is a mineral. Mica is utilized in the creation of pearlescent pigments. Many metallic looking pigments are composed of the substrate of mica covered with another nutrient,to provide it shine and or color.

By itself, it is not ideal for cosmetic purposes generally, but is intended to be used as part of a formula. Pure micas can look beautiful on your skin, so when applied as an optical attention shadow. However, most won’t have much longevity and can creep into creases or just disappear. So how can you inform the difference?

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  • 5 Products WHICH YOU CAN USE as an Alternative to a Makeup Remover

2-3 each, it’s likely that it’s a re-packaged mica. They don’t have much invested in it, lower price point hence. 2. Does the business also sell matte eye shadows? Matte eye shadows need to be formulated from base ingredients, with pigment put into the base. We must visit a wholesaler offer mass yet, matte eyesight shadow. 3. Does the company sell base, concealer and other makeup products?

The formulating requirements of the skin toned foundation and other pores and skin toned products are also a great sign. If the ongoing company has no formulating skills, chances are they won’t be offering foundation. 4. How long has the company experienced business? Re-packers come and pass droves. Most don’t bother to go to the expense or trouble to have their own website or brick and mortar store. 5. Ingredients: Search for substances like Magnesium Stearate, Magnesium Myristate (increases adhesion), Boron Nitride (increases slip and shine), Silk or Silica Powder. These are ingredients that raise the adhesion and feel of the product. Not necessary for each and every eye shadow, but look for this in a few of their eye shadows.

NOTE: component lists will be the LEAST reliable way to determine a re-packer from a formulator, especially if you are just looking at one product. A mica may contain: mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide, from the supplier straight. A formulator may add additional iron oxides, but that could not change the ingredient list! At times this is all that’s needed to help make the mica ideal for a beauty product.

L.A. Minerals, you can expect our customers unique, custom developed cosmetics. Our items you can expect for sale have been built from base ingredients, created for beauty and function. We have years of experience formulating and selling our products, around the world. We care about the reputation of reputable companies in the nutrient makeup world. And we care about our customers.

Sunscreen: twelve months. Store it away from the sun (perhaps in a chiller) to avoid the formula from becoming unstable. Anti-ageing or anti-acne products: up to one year, depending on the ingredients. As the New York Times reports, anti-acne products formulated with Benzoyl peroxide have a shelf life of 90 days once opened up.