Our Emirates chauffeur drawn to leading gate of the Burj Al Arab, where there was a guarded security checkpoint. Apparently, you can’t even visit the hotel unless you’re a hotel guest or have restaurant or spa reservations. After providing our name to the guard we were waved through and drove past at least a dozen tourists standing around capturing.

The unique sail shape and self-proclaimed 7-star status certainly make the Burj Al Arab one of the most recognizable hotels in the world. We pulled up to the circular driveway and the bellman ran to help us with our bags immediately. If you believe the style of decor has a complete lot of bling, wait until the truth is this place. The Burj Al Arab gets the most over-the-top decor that I’ve ever seen, with gold trim on told of gold leaf together with even more gold. We required a second to marvel at the atrium, which according to the hotel staff is the tallest in the world.

We took a seat as the front desk clerk examined our booking and loved some Arabic espresso and dates in the mean time. There were two huge aquariums on each comparative aspect of the lobby. She returned with the right news. Actually, she clarified that there were two pieces of good news, and our ears perked up.

That certainly falls into the category of very good news – I mean, it’s not at all bad news. But it was 2pm and check-in time was 3pm already, so I hardly cracked a smile. 2, and let her continue. Now that’s what I call good news! The practical side of me was considering, “what the hell are we heading to do with a supplementary bedroom?” The other aspect quickly required over, with the state of mind that “more is always better”. At this true point, we didn’t realize just how awesome this upgrade would grow to be. We were escorted to the elevators and rode to the 12th floor where our room was located up.

I found it interesting that the hotel doesn’t seem that large from the outside, but from the within it seems absolutely substantial, with unique architectural details around each corner. We attained the 12th floor, and as soon as the elevators opened there was a man in a tuxedo waiting for us.

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He escorted us further down the hall to the Butler desk, that was staffed by 3 additional butlers. While most hotels use leading desk as the funnel for visitor inquiries, the Burj Al Arab is more floor-centric, with each one staffed with a united team of butlers. Each time we attained our floor, there was at least one Butler manning the desk and would walk us to our room back again.

In total, the hotel employs over 250 butlers that take satisfaction in assisting guests with everything and anything they desire. They began to give us a synopsis of the hotel at the Butler desk, but my continuous inching toward our room must have been a hint that I was anxious to get inside.

They led us to your room to complete the check-in process. So there are suites, and there are suites then. The 1 bedroom suite that people had originally booked was the entry-level suite but comes at an impressive 1 still,830 square feet. All the rooms in the hotel are duplex suites, with the liveable space located on the first floor, and the sleeping rooms on the 2nd floor.