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Buildings don’t matter because they are bricks and mortar. They matter because they are designed by humans, crafted by humans, reflective of human culture over many generations, today and waiting around to be adored by humans in the foreseeable future stimulating to humans. They may be parcel and part of human society thoughout history, and losing them diminishes human society.

Thank you for this sweeping and deeply researched article. I am blown away by the wealth of information, links, and beautiful images. And I love that you made it a tribute to Khaled al-Assad. He is a classic hero. There are a lot of things that it is worth giving one’s life for, and he gave his life for just one of them. I really like, love, love historic history. I needed find out about ISIL destroying historical sites, but I put no idea the level from it. We live in historic times. We’ll be able to tell our grandchildren that X or Y historic site was still standing up after i was young, and unfortunately, it was damaged in my life time.

I know that ‘tolerance’ has become a bit of a shorthand for moral uprightness, but I don’t think it is rather clear to use the term that way. Everyone is intolerant of the simple things they consider bad. You and I do not tolerate rape, murder, or the wanton destruction of historic sites.

But a sane moral code can identify some things as never to be tolerated, yet also declare some acts to be incorrect in themselves and always off-limits, not even to be utilized in order to eradicate bad. That kind of code is exactly what ISIL lacks. About whether a building is more important than human lives or vice versa, I believe that’s a bit of the non-question. The buildings are not MORE important than human beings, they are essential BECAUSE individual lives are important rather.

They will be the fruit and mark of thousands of years of human history. EASILY were in one of those bizarre moral mind-game situations where I had developed to choose to save lots of an innocent civilian or a historic building, I would choose the civilian but mourn the increased loss of the building. To say that individuals are the most crucial doesn’t imply that nothing at all else has any importance.

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Events move rapidly. Khaled al-Asaad was murdered on 18th August 2015. On 23rd August it’s believed that the ‘Temple of Baal-Shamin’ was inflated. Now it is reported that the primary Palmyran ‘Temple of Bel’ has been damaged, possibly on 30th August. It seems that at present ISIL are concentrating on the old religious buildings of Palmyra, presumably because polytheistic Gods there were once worshipped, long long ago.

Cheers Bill for taking the time to look over this short article. It’s a topic which matters too much to me, so I’m pleased. At the present time I find myself hearing information broadcasts with some trepidation in the event I listen to of yet another ancient site being demolished. Regarding Khaled al-Asaad, I put never heard about this gentleman until after he has been murdered. Nonetheless it was inspiring to learn of his loyalty and devotion to Palmyra then, and – as you say – just how this 83 year old archaeologist was treated, does demonstrate the barbarity of his killers really. Regarding Pisa, this might I think be a good subject for a war movie with a healthy storyline.