DISCLAIMER: I’m just heading to begin out and say this post has nothing in connection with the new live action Beauty and the Beast movie. So if you’re groaning pondering, “Another post about this movie? This is about the initial FAIRYTALE. I’ve been interpretation to write this post for actually, honestly, after some duration now.

And I thought since Beauty and the Beast are on everyone’s mind, this would be an excellent time to get around to it finally. Secondly, I want to make it clear that this can be an OPINION post, not just a FACTS post. For example, this will be about my personal opinions on the initial B&B fairytale, not at all directly facts about it. So do feel free to disagree!

Alrighty, now that that’s taken care of, to the actual post onward! As I believe all of you know at this time, I’m currently (, or supposed to be) going through my second round of edits on my Beauty and the Beast retelling, Burning Thorns, hoping to pursue publishing with it.

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Because of that, I thought it could be good to explain why I’m placing my heart and soul into a Beauty and the Beast storyline. Long story short: It’s without doubt the best fairytale. ” you might be asking. OR some of you might be saying, “You will want to? It’s a good storyline!

The wonderful thing about fairy tales is that they can be interpreted in dozens of different ways and mean 100 different things to each of us. And I really like that! These little stories pretty much always have a life lesson (or 20) woven into them. Sure, they’re often strange and shadowy and creepy, but isn’t life unusual and often deep as well?

Fairytales (and fiction generally) help us press through the darkness and discover the “happily ever previously afters”. They instruct us how to deal with the crazy, hard things that happen inside our life, and learn good vs. We have so many “dragons” in our lives-those hardships and darkness that appear undefeatable. But fairy tales teach us we can beat the darkness and spread the light. And what’s the greatest way to obtain light? LOVE. Because love is the key to all the good in the global world.

As I said in this article about love, it’s the very thing that put Jesus on the Cross and paved the best way to His longing, open arms. Which brings us to Beauty and the Beast once again. Now, I’ll say again, fairytales can be interpreted in so many ways, which is one of the reason why I love them very much.

So if you believe these things about B&B and don’t like it because of that, THAT’S OKAY. Like I said in the disclaimer, this post is about my personal feelings toward Beauty and the Beast. And, definitely, we can’t all feel the same way about every story on earth. And why would we want to? I love it when people in another way interpret testimonies.