Perhaps you have heard and seen financial specialists talking about what to do now with your investments. 3 months. Other experts discuss stocks normally decrease to sideways in June any now may be considered a good time to market and take some income. To understand how to proceed now, go through the money trail of what category of investments are being bought and sold.

We all know that what someone does is more important than what someone says. Barron’s reviews money movement into mutual funds by category on a every week basis. 8.4 Billion dollars has left Money Market Funds. 5.2 Billion, has gone into different categories of bond funds. month and placing it to work and they are buying stocks 35 Billion during the last. If you go through the trend during the last 4 weeks, the money entering stock funds is staying stable while the amount entering bond funds ‘re going down by a significant amount.

It holds true that stocks have a tendency to do very little in June since typically few companies record profits in June, the last month of a quarter. With this said, it is very possible for some individual stocks to make significant moves during June. 3 months. This is good information for a investor who is thinking of buying and sell pretty frequently instead of a long term investor.

The stream of money tells a long-term investors that financial experts for all of their talk are putting money from a protective position and into the stock market. Investing in gold has also gotten a lot of press recently and people are being inspired to buy stock in platinum mining related companies. A few months ago, I published that you should avoid silver for a true variety of reasons. Since writing this statement, gold has risen while stocks generally have given far superior returns slightly. In my view of the existing economic situation, it is still not time to buy gold or shares of gold mining related companies.

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Can we compare US inflation against UK? Not easily. Investment banks hire whole team of financial analysts to understand this kind of stuff. It’s hard to write automated software that can deal with this issue. Similarly is it possible to compare the purchase price reserve percentage of the UK bank or investment company, against a German manufacturer, pitched against a Japanese Retailer?

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Probably not. Think about earnings price ratios now, pitched against a right time when the level of share buybacks was different? Technical 4. Fundamental 1. Just what a cushion. Can the basics draw it back again? I am constantly surprised by the real number of technical trading rules that are out there, and much more amazed by some of the silly names they have. Especially since all of them are just trying to pick up trends nearly. Something you can certainly do very with one or two guidelines easily. It could be shown mathematically that the amount of possible strategies is loads bigger if you have significantly more than one variable you can measure. Number of variables N! Human capacity to perform -panel regressions.

Technical 4. Fundamental 2. A consolation price for the losers, or the beginning of a fightback? Suppose you’ve got twenty years of daily price data for device X. That means you have about 5000 data factors. Collecting it more often will give you more data points, but not much extra information.

Pooling data across X, Y and Z can help. But there’s limited change of finding something interesting, that hasn’t already been discovered and given a silly name, without complete data mining. So with ten variables you have 50,000 data factors for X. Loads more once you have pooled it with Y and Z. That’s a very meaty data set.