I WRITE THAT SUBTITLE UNDERSTANDING THAT IT COULD COME BACK TO BITE ME by the subjects of this hub, Koch Industries as well as Charles and David Koch, aka the Koch Brothers. I say that because they don’t take well to criticism, criticism centered of facts especially, The Kochs, et al, tend, as background shows, to strike back hard.

While my pursuing is rather small and the chances that this may come to their notice is minimal, I am still taking a chance that my life may become hell consequently of this hub. Charles Koch and his way to obtain money, Koch Industries owned by himself and his brother, David Koch. I got in regards to a 1/3rd of the way through the Dark Money once I emerged to a chapter devoted to the malfeasance of the Kochs and their business enterprise.

The range of the criminal behavior defined in this section remaining me so upset that I knew I had to write about any of it before completing the more general analysis about profit politics. In short, Koch Industries and the Koch Brothers are not nice by any stretch out of the creativity.

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This hub is a synopsis of what Jane Mayer recorded in her book, an outline if you will. All credit regarding the factual content as well as the strong circumstantial evidence goes to her excellent research. I simply what things to make it visible to my visitors in hopes they’ll go after it more by reading her astonishing and, to me, depressing rendition of corporate bad behavior eliminated wild. As some of you who read me regularly know, I am no enthusiast of Corporate America (instead of small company America) because of the constant, ubiquitous rip-off of their consumers and low-level employees.

I must get this to distinction between scales of business. Small business plays by regulated free-market rules and therefore, by choice normally, are honest hard-working entrepreneurs who treat their workers fairly and aren’t trying to deliver the poorest product for the most money they can escape with. KOCH INDUSTRIES IS THE LARGEST PRIVATELY-HELD ENERGY COMPANY in America.

They have subsidiaries involved with manufacturing, trading, and investments. Companies possessed by Koch Industries include but aren’t limited to, Invista, Georgia-Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources (Pine Bend Refinery), Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals, and Matador Cattle Company. It is mixed up in manufacturing, refining, and distribution of petroleum, chemicals, energy, fibers, intermediates and polymers, minerals, fertilizers, paper and pulp, chemical technology equipment, ranching, fund, commodities trading, and many other projects and investments. The firm employs about 60,000 people in the United States and another 40,000 in 59 other countries.

115 billion, with a ‘B’. Court documents show many of these Koch companies were involved with a pattern of flagrantly overlooking multiple pollution controls (needless and dangerous regulations in their view), fraud, intimidation, and worker abuse. So, the facts that Koch Industries and its own owners did incorrect exactly? KOCH INDUSTRIES BEGAN ITS LIFE IN 1940 AS WOOD RIVER REFINING and OIL COMPANY founded by Jeff Koch, father of Charles, David, Bill, Frederick, and Elizabeth (Charles and David are estranged from all of those other family).

One of the chemicals he frequently arrived in unprotected contact with was benzene. For Bull Unfortunately, Koch Company didn’t tell him that since 1928 it was suspected, then known that benzene was a human carcinogenic! In 1995, Carlson became too sick to work; and that is when the trouble really began. 1974, OSHA (one of the many government organizations the libertarian Koch want to sweep into a dust bin) issued several regulations regarding employer responsibilities to monitor and notify employees regarding problems from working with benzene and other hazardous substances.