Fairy stories are adapted to fit the needs of each generation, reflecting the unique challenges of this society. In the 1980s and 1990s of the United States, issues of what constituted a grouped family circulated as divorce increased and fatherhood was debated. At this time, Disney released two animated films having a father and daughter: THE TINY Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.

Both movies are adaptations of fairy stories, plus they incorporate changes that reflect concerns of America in the late-twentieth hundred years specifically. In the original narrative of “THE TINY Mermaid” the heroine is mainly raised by her grandmother and wants an immortal soul more than the love of the prince. The story ends with her loss of life and expectation that after 300 many years of service, she can buy an immortal soul.

Disney changes the story, however, by removing the grandmother and placing Triton at the relative head of the family. His overbearing nature pushes Ariel away as she struggles to get her independence and win Eric’s love. Prior to the story concludes, Triton, Ariel, and Eric work together to defeat the sea witch and achieve the film’s happy ending–the creation of a normal family. The fairy tale of “Beauty and the Beast” starts with a father who is informed, respected, and rich before hardship attacks.

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Beauty’s request for a rose is what starts the experience as she must figure out how to love the Beast to save lots of him from an enchanted curse. Disney’s modifications to the narrative make Maurice an ineffectual father whose inadequacies bring Belle to the Beast’s castle, and the modified curse on the Beast makes both him and Belle need to fall in love, founding their romantic relationship on equality.

The story concludes with the jubilant wish that the couple will form a family group together. Both cartoon features proved popular with the public, suggesting that the films’ resolutions are considering appealing endings. The films can then be interpreted as expressing the wish that from the single-parent homes of the late-twentieth hundred years, a new generation of stronger nuclear households can occur if these homes bottom their relationships on unified attempts and equivalent partnerships.

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