After buying McRae (MCRAA) for two years, I’ve seen the stock double. After such a runup, it will always be wise to re-evaluate the investment. The trip was successful for me. First and foremost, I got a basic education about the ongoing company. I am surprised at how little I know about the company!

I mainly put the most weight on the the financial claims for my investment decisions. But McRae’s primary business of selling boots has almost doubled within the last 5 years. And anyone who invests in the company now must understand what the business does. The business is no longer a straightforward balance sheet purchase enjoy it was when I purchased two years ago; the stock is so higher now. The next from the business’s website sums up its history well. McRae Industries was founded in 1959 by Branson J. McRae with the principal focus of processing high quality children’s shoes.

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In 1966, during the height of the Vietnam War, McRae received a contract honor from the U. S. Government to manufacture military combat boots for america Army using the “direct shaped singular” design. As a result, McRae Industries’ Footwear department has provided quality combat boots to the women and men serving in the U. S. Army to get more than 40 years.

In a proper move in 1996, McRae Industries purchased American West Trading Company, a manufacturer and vendor of a number of western boot products. During the 2002 to 2006 time frame, the array of western boot products was significantly enhanced by the acquisition of several popular brands – Dingo, Dan Laredo and Post.

Also, during this same time frame, the company’s name was transformed to the Dan Post Boot Company to more carefully identify our products in the western shoe market. In 2005, Dan Post Boot Company became a licensee of John Deere and began to design and market men’s and women’s work boots along with a type of children’s shoes and boots. Dan Post continuing to broaden its product mix in 2008 with the help of the durable, price effective McRae Industrial type of work boots. The company gets 1/3 of its sales from its commercial line and 2/3 from its traditional western/lifestyle range.

But the latter only were only available in 1996 and really became popular in the middle 2000’s when it purchased several companies in financial troubles. So the ongoing company, despite being in business for over 50 years, really became popular in the last 10 years or so. And it makes discuss expansion more believeable. a year 6-8 mil, and management is thinking about using that money for enlargement prudently. Initially, I used to be skeptical because I didn’t realize that the company’s western sales only got were only available in the last twenty years.

And I thought if you haven’t effectively extended much in 55 years, why do you think now you can? But now I am willing to think of the company in the present form as no more than 15 years of age. It had been only in the last 15 years that Gary McRae has run the business and has divested itself of the computer printer and pub code machine business.

And most importantly within the last 15 years the business bought the various western shoe businesses. I personally don’t have understanding of the traditional western boots that McRae is well known for. In the future I’ll definitely pay more attention to the boots that women wear, particularly when I am in the South. So, I do not have an informed opinion of McRae’s industry. Anyway, fashion market and tendencies are difficult to predict for the experts even.