There are many varieties of ejuice. To ensure you choose the right one, it is important to be familiar with their ingredients and flavors. Also, you should know their PG and Nicotine content to avoid ingesting products that contain too much of either. Make a smart decision by reading the labels of all e-juice brands. If you have any issues concerning wherever along with how you can work with พอตใช้แล้วทิ้ง, you are able to email us at the page.


E-juice can be made from a variety ingredients. While water is the most important ingredient, other ingredients are also vital. The e-liquid is heated with water, and then vaporized. Water is heated to a high temperature in a coil, which draws cotton into it and makes tiny droplets that can be inhaled. These water droplets then get flavored. E-juice can contain up to seven thousand different flavourings. However, not all flavorings are created equal. In fact, many manufacturers don’t even list the ingredients on their product, claiming that their flavors are approved by the FDA.


The flavorings of e-juice have a direct impact on the quality. Some flavors have been banned in certain countries due to their health effects. Others are derived from food and have a long history of use in products such as soft drinks, yogurts, and confectionery.

Nicotine content

The nicotine content in e-juice varies widely. Some contain very little nicotine while others have 50mg per milliliter. If you’re new to vaping, you’ll probably want to start with a lower nicotine e-juice. Heavy smokers should choose higher nicotine concentrations.

PG content

When choosing an e-juice, the PG-to-VG ratio is one of the most important things to consider. While a high PG-to-VG ratio can cause coils to have trouble wicking, it can also provide a smoother throat feel. You can make the best decision by always reading the label. It will tell you how much PG the liquid contains.

VG content

It’s important that you know the VG contents when buying e-liquid. This ingredient is essential as it helps deliver nicotine and flavor to the vapor. VG is a colourless, odourless, and viscous liquid produced from vegetable oils. It is safe for vegetarians and non-toxic. It has a thicker consistency that propylene glycol. This gives it a smoother throat hit. Most e-liquids contain about 70 percent VG, but you can find some products with a 100 percent VG content.

Pod juice

The Pod Juice eliquid has a variety of flavors to suit both low- and high-wattage vapers. Designed to be ultra portable, the Pod Juice e-juice offers travelers a convenient way to vape anywhere.

PG blends

The proportion of PG and VG in e-juice is important to the flavour it delivers. High-VG juices tend to produce more vapour which allows the flavour to be carried through the e-liquid better. However, the difference between VG and PG blends is not always apparent, and some e-juices are a blend of both.

0 nics e-juice

0 nic ejuice is a nicotine free vape juice. It has a smooth flavor and almost no throat hit. It is made up of three ingredients: flavoring, VG and PG. This is the best e-liquid for smokers who want to quit smoking. Unlike nicotine-rich cigarettes, 0nic e-juice is safe to use and can help you quit nicotine withdrawal without any side effects.

Buy e-juice

You should be aware of these important things when you are buying ejuice for your vape pen. First, choose the right strength. A VG level between 90-100% is ideal for a high-wattage vape. Also, take into consideration the vape gear you are using. Consider getting juice with high nicotine levels. In case you have any type of inquiries relating to where and how you can use พอต, you could call us at the Suggested Internet site.