It’s the first Buzzed for Beauty haul ever! Eve Pearl is an incredibly well-respected Emmy-award-winning makeup designer and has worked for over 18 years in the makeup industry. She started out doing makeup in ballet, opera, and theater, and is now a celebrity makeup artist. 54), but the Eve Pearl Black Pearl Promo was back!

The Black Pearl Promo is a restricted time event in which EVERYTHING, all products, are 40-50% off! That is an incredible offer and ample of her really quite. Without doubt her products sell well independently with no markdown, but she seems like a good woman, and I’m sure she wished to do something for many her YouTube fans and subscribers, and her customers generally.

As the Eve Pearl Black Pearl Promo was here and SUCH an amazing deal, I couldn’t pass the opportunity up. 86.70. Now that is clearly a deal. This is the deepest discount I’ve ever enjoyed. 103.40 🙁 good though Still. I was looking at, but DIDN’T buy any of the lip glosses. I acquired one free of charge! I thought maybe only some lucky people would get the giveaways, but maybe everyone got something, because I did so!

  • Aloe vera gel (natural healer) – 2 tablespoons
  • Directly from the manufacturer’s websites
  • Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10- $5.30
  • Copper Smokey Eye
  • 3 years back from England
  • 1/2 glass granulated sugars
  • Every day you make me feel something that words can never express. Good morning hours
  • Keep your nozzles clean for next time

D That’s amazing if you ask me. They really didn’t have to do it, and it’s really just the perfect color for me. Getting to the idea haha back again, I was putting on a pinky-mauve lipstick in my own picture therefore she (Karla Hirkaler) stated that I might like the Eve Pearl Pearlicious Lip Gloss in the color Foreplay. I wanted to buy it but decided not to break the bank, therefore I only ordered the lip palette. Karla might have pointed out to whoever is filling the order that I would like that color, because Personally I think like it’s no accident that I got the color Foreplay. 20 lipgloss for free.

They really didn’t want to do that, and I respect the Eve Pearl Brand so much now. 100, and all the wonderful customer thoughtfulness and service I possibly could ask for. I am a very happy customer. 100 (pretty much my only birthday present) using one purchase, however when the deal came times later, I knew I did so! I was so excited and oh my goodness, while I opened up the deal it was everything I possibly could have requested. The packaging of the products is divine!

In particular the HD Dual Foundation thrilled me. It offers real weight to it. It’s not some flimsy compact, it has a hard shell casing that has a chrome end to it, and comes with a big beautiful reflection, and a lovable little flippable screen screen for the makeup to safeguard it! It also protects the mirror from getting dirty. Lastly, there’s another flip compartment for flipping in the makeup to access the sponge included in the most bottom area. I am deeply in love with all the things I bought basically.

The lip gloss seems AMAZING on the lips, by the preferred lip product I have ever really tried far. It feels as though a treat for my mouth while I squeeze a little out of the tube onto my pucker. It makes my lips feel so soft and the merchandise is non-sticky really! The consistency just feels gorgeous, and it looks amazing on.

I know this will become one of my staple lip products I re- purchase again and again. The fake lashes- alright, these are worthy of their own paragraph. Quality- amazing. I see YouTubers putting on Red cherry or Ardell always, however when I’ve purchased these lashes in the past I came across them difficult to put on, and to be honest they didn’t look too attractive either. They look so amazingly organized, and the models of lashes appear to be works of arts truly.