Is it because he knows every job in the business? No I don’t believe so. I believe that anyone can become one. British billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Was he a musician? The answer is no again! How is this possible you might ask? Being a mastermind you may become that someone. In the ultimate end you create a win-win situation for all. Would you like to become a mastermind? Go and be it Then!

This is a challenge that I wrote about in my post, “8 Reasons Why You Need TO INVEST More Time In Nature”. The task is as comes after: spend half an hour in nature, every day, for 30 days. People who have taken this problem report that following the 30 days they felt increased well-being and more happy. 22. Take the “simple pleasures” 30-day problem.

You may have noticed the saying that each day you must do something that makes you wealthy, something that makes you healthy, then one which makes you happy. For this challenge you’re heading to concentrate on the last one of the: take action which makes you happy every day for thirty days.

23. Have a 30-day random functions of kindness challenge. Research done in the area of positive mindset shows that performing random acts of kindness can make one feel happier. Giving an older person your seat on the bus. Leaving spare change in a vending machine so that another person can get a free of charge treat. When you’re done reading a good publication, leave it at a restaurant for someone else to read; and so forth.

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24. Take the 30-times of inspiration challenge. Morning for 30 days read or listen to something inspirational Every. You can choose from the following: watch inspirational YouTube videos; read a collection of inspirational rates; or read from the Bible (or any spiritual publication). 25. Have a 30-day random functions of courage challenge. Each day for 30 days, have a risk or do something new.

Try a fresh fruit (the fruit in the picture is mangosteen; I tried it for the first time a little while ago and it’s delicious). Cook a meal you’ve never created before. Go to a store to buy something you need and ask for a discount (I requested and got a 15% discount the last time I purchased running shoes). Search for a museum you’ve never been to before. Head into a high-end boutique and try something on. 26. Take a 30-day journaling problem. Judging from the success of my post on journaling prompts and “18 Things to Do Using a Moleskine, or Any Notebook”, lots of people are interested in journaling.

However, they sometimes have trouble starting out. Taking a 30-day journaling challenge-that is, making a commitment to journaling every day for 30 days-is a great way to get started. 27. Take the “start a new habit in 30-times challenge”. Steve Pavlina-owner of the blog “Personal Development for Smart People”-argues that the best way to start a new habit is to commit to it for 30 days.

After all, it’s really hard to commit to something that you inform yourself you should do for the rest you will ever have. Alternatively, informing yourself that you’re going to do something for 30 days is much more doable. What habit do you want to adopt? Each day Meditating for 20 minutes?