After six weeks of diligently doing uncomfortable hip stretches double a day, plus quitting all exercise three weeks to let the injury rest ago, I returned to the physician today to check in. Confused that I’m not healed by now, my original PT had recommended a cortisone shot.

But the doc said not yet, even though there’s still swelling. She sent me down to the laboratory for an X-ray. She diagnosed that the stretching has actually been making the injury worse-great! -and she recommended cure called Active Release Therapy. I spent quality time talking to my insurance provider and eventually realized there’s no means of avoiding paying for these appointments easily want my hip to cure any time in the future. And I must say I, really do.

Matt, the new PT, trapped in some sort of steroid patch on me with an electric battery attached. It sent tiny fine needles and pins into the most painful place. It didn’t feel great, but it felt productive. Still, the whole process got hours. I had been exhausted and frustrated once I finally got to work. Did a few things, slogged on home feeling very put upon by life then.

I was making dinner with Josh called. He’s a university friend and one of the best people. He lives in Baltimore, so I keep tabs on him via email and Facebook and his in-laws’ annual vacation party in Walnut Creek. He called to tell me that his youth friend Mark died yesterday evening from complications caused by a long-standing brain tumor.

When Mark was diagnosed five years ago, his doctors offered him six months to live. Instead, he completed college in furniture design, started a business, became an avid hill biker, and got wedding. I only met Mark a few times, but it didn’t take more than ten minutes to be impressed by him. His passion and energy were palpable. Morning This the PT teased me about being in my 30s. “I’m sorry, this is just how it goes,” he said. I understand people my age who’ve been significantly sick, divorced, miscarried, lost a mother or father.

We’re getting into those phases reluctantly but naturally. But it’s not time for us to begin to die. That’s not on the calendar yet. Now I keep considering Mark and his wife. Diving to their very new marriage, they both knew what would happen and the losses they’d have to handle. It should have been time to allow them to wear down, but they didn’t. It’s remarkable what our anatomies can endure; way more our hearts even. My stupid little injury suddenly feels as though a lucky charm.

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