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Many software suppliers and custodians claim to own Karnosky-Singer multi-currency attribution model, but do they really? The name has become synonymous with a powerful approach to determining the efforts from currency movements on a portfolio’s excess return and comes from the monograph Denis Karnosky and Brian Singer composed for the CFA Institute. Though a relatively short piece (as monographs are designed to be), a great deal is included in it of surface.

Carl Bacon did an excellent job of describing the model in his books, which arguably is highly recommended a friend piece to the model, and present on all performance dimension experts’ bookshelves. However, when we speak of the K-S model, what do we indicate? I discussed this recently with my co-workers John Simpson and Jed Schneider and then confirmed our conclusions with Brian. Second, that interest rates are broken away from the market side of attribution and included with the currency side, because, as Brian and Denis explain, rates of interest have a direct bearing on currency movement. We have observed some firms who claim to offer the K-S model, but who “lump” or combine the effects into a single value; i.e., the currency effect is shown as you, not two numbers.

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  • Reject a task if IRR< rp
  • Applications, ROI and 2nd/3rd order results
  • Is Y Combinator requesting too much collateral for 120k worth of funding
  • How long would it take most people here to get managing directors
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The Business Casual Backpacker

After six weeks of diligently doing uncomfortable hip stretches double a day, plus quitting all exercise three weeks to let the injury rest ago, I returned to the physician today to check in. Confused that I’m not healed by now, my original PT had recommended a cortisone shot.

But the doc said not yet, even though there’s still swelling. She sent me down to the laboratory for an X-ray. She diagnosed that the stretching has actually been making the injury worse-great! -and she recommended cure called Active Release Therapy. I spent quality time talking to my insurance provider and eventually realized there’s no means of avoiding paying for these appointments easily want my hip to cure any time in the future. And I must say I, really do.

Matt, the new PT, trapped in some sort of steroid patch on me with an electric battery attached. It sent tiny fine needles and pins into the most painful place. It didn’t feel great, but it felt productive. Still, the whole process got hours. I had been exhausted and frustrated once I finally got to work. Did a few things, slogged on home feeling very put upon by life then.

I was making dinner with Josh called. He’s a university friend and one of the best people. He lives in Baltimore, so I keep tabs on him via email and Facebook and his in-laws’ annual vacation party in Walnut Creek. He called to tell me that his youth friend Mark died yesterday … Read more

Here YOU DECIDE TO GO Dewm You Said You Mist

Good day and welcome to the Verus International, Second Quarter, Fiscal 2019 Financial Results Conference Call. Today’s conference is being documented. At the moment I would like to show the meeting to Mark Forney with MKR Group. Many thanks, operator. Afternoon everyone and welcome to Verus International Good, Second Quarter Fiscal 2019 Conference Call.

Yesterday we issued our second one-fourth fiscal 2019 financial results. A copy of the Press Release is on the Investor Relations portion of our website and the financials are posted on EDGAR. We survey our financials in U.S. ‘s conversation, we’ll use that currency unless normally noted. Before you begin our formal remarks, I’d prefer to remind listeners that today’s discussion may contain forward-looking statements that reflect management’s current views regarding future results or future events.

Any such claims are subject to dangers and uncertainties that could cause actual leads to vary materially from those projected in these forward-looking statements. Verus does not undertake to update any forward-looking statements except as required. You might also remember that in today’s call our executive team are both vacationing, therefore we’re hopeful that the quality of the call will remain consistent, but we appreciate everyone’s tolerance in that regard. I’d now prefer to switch the call to Verus CEO, Anshu Bhatnagar.

Thank you, Mark. First of all, I’d like to welcome our new shareholders who might be hearing my voice for the very first time and welcome back again all our long-time shareholders. It’s been a while since we … Read more

Video: Subjective And Objective Beauty, Part 1

In the SEEK OUT Beauty video series I shot last summer time, I introduced the series by evaluating subjective beauty and objective beauty. I decided not to air the piece, since it appeared to skim over many ideas prematurely too. This video-as well as the few that will follow-are an in-depth exploration of subjective and objective beauty. Is beauty something that people project onto the global world all around us, or are certain components of our world beautiful intrinsically? I hope to move closer to that answer.

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  1. Also, focus on items you are probably already eating but never thought of putting on your pores and skin
  2. Safe, Medium Danger, Danger
  3. Hat: Romantic Hat (personal Simsdom)
  4. “Being truly a mother is an attitude, not just a biological relation.” – Robert A. Heinlein

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